Friday, February 23, 2018

CarClinic February 20, 2018

There is no question that one of the few things that we all own or strive to own is a car.

Once we own a car we are part of the club that invests, sometimes, huge amounts of money to keep those cars running.

Well, Glenn Power joins the show from GT Auto Centre to offer no nonsense advice on car repair and maintenance.

If we could drive a car into the studio we would!

This week we had some great questions about brakes and turbos.

And of course we had all those great questions about things you are not sure about in the middle.

As always a great show to learn about auto maintenance.

Click for the podcast.

And here are the notes to follow along!


-brakes Q from last night
-turbo Q from last night
-when they talk about engine displacement what are they, the auto shops talking about
-can a regular garage work on a hybrid engine?
-is it possible to install self dimming mirrors on any car they seem to be the new thing on cars
-how do I know if a master cylinder is failing
-get a low growling sound when turning the steering wheel what might be the issue
-how might air get in the brake master cylinder
-how do we know where to place the jack of a car?

-easy way to loosen tight lugs?

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