Friday, February 16, 2018

CarClinic February 13, 2018

Glenn Power @Glennthatcarguy is in the studio and that means we are fixing your car on the radio!

Here are the show notes and of course we get off track with your much enjoyed questions.

Hey guys... I used to think injector cleaners were hogwash too.. But recently my engine stalled.. OBD gave me codes for multiple cylinder misfires and fuel pressure regulator.. Solution was an injection cleaner.. Over the counter.. Regards.. Dash Ramzi

My Honda Accord 2008 remote key is bad but can operate and use it manually
On ebay same frequency keys available as the dealer wants to rip me for AED600
Thanks, Hasib

How do I know if I have a bent rim?

Just bought a used car have no idea how to check the fluids or change the tire, where to place the jack any ideas where to go and ask for help?

My car sputters when I give it gas then catches, like it is not getting fuel then boom, an idea what is happening?

Can I upgrade the headlamp bulbs of my nissan sunny or should I go with factory recommended?

How do I know how old the tires on my car are, I bought it used and never gave the tire age any though

What is the difference between a rebuilt and remanufactured car engine

They say the solenoid in my transmission is broken what are they talking about.

What is a limited slip diff

I have been told my intake manifold gasket is done what is that?

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