Friday, December 22, 2017

The ME Indie JukeBox Best of 2017 Vol 1 and Vol 2

That is what 2 guys who are enjoying some indie music from the Middle East look like.

Here we go with Vol 1 of the best of for 2017

Yasmine Hamdan_Douss Hamza Hawsawi - Frame Of Mind Nur Alfayez - Khaleek
Postcards - Bright Lights The Bunny Tylers_Été We Speak In Colors_Nobody's No One Zeid Hamdan_Oulouleleh Feat Muhammad Abdallah

Vol 2 of the best of 2017

Click for the podcast

Coffee & Cigarettes_AlcoB Anas Arabi Ft Speech - Al Sheir Wa Al Balagha Etyen feat. Tala - Homosapiens The recipe fool you Hana Malhas_Nasi Sean Warner we are one Gurumiran - 'Hingala' Hollaphonic - Spaceship ft Bxrber

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