Saturday, November 11, 2017

GetFitRadio November 6, 2017

Fitness is on everyones mind and you cannot lose by participating in the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

And Marcus fills us in on his own cycling challenge that is well into the training phase.

Myself, jumping into week 3 of marathon training.

 And that is Marcus my cohost and trainer for the conversation about everything fitness and a bit more.

Grab the podcast here.

The Show Notes, and these are pretty good so click away.

  1. What is going on with your training for the Ultra bike-a-thon?
  2. Eating healthy and eating clean is there a difference?
  3. Why do you think working out in the evenings might not be the best time for everyone?
  4. 3 core workouts!

  1. Side planck
  2. Wheel outs
  3. Reverse crunch

5. Saw this kettlebell low swing exercise and thought it was interesting

6. Q. is it possible to speed up my metabolism in a healthy way, via exercise, maybe a bit of diet?

This looked interesting.
7. Mobility exercises

8. Hanging for shoulder health us something being written about this week in the blogs I see people in the gym hanging this week why and what does it do for muscle health?

9. I hear you guys talking Kettlebells can they be used wrong and what do I need to look out for?

10. I hear you guys talking about running, what about joint issues?
(great article… what do you think marcus?)

11. How do we get people to realise that the gym is really not about weight loss but lifestyle? This is a great little article talking weight loss

12. How we sabotage ourselves and how to fix it

13. Being fat is contagious

14. Hip releasing stretches!

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