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GetFitRadio November 13, 2017

Fitness, Fitness, Fitness and the question is who doesn't have a question or 2?

The correct answer is everyone has fitness question BUT all too often you, me and the guy in the spandex are too worried about sounding stupid so we keep the questions to ourselves.

Marcus is here from to answer your questions and give you some great ideas!

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The Notes.
  1. So, what is going on in the gym? Latest podcast, new equipment, talk around the urinal…
  2. Week 3 of training for the Dubai standard Chartered Marathon, was out of breath yesterday but felt good.
-data is useful to visualise the run
-nice to see the heart rate levels
-talk about the Garmin you use, I need to talk to those guys about a test on the techtalk show…

3. What is happening with the challenges in the gym?

4. Added some Kale to the juice, on your recommendation, nice also added raw tumeric root, makes everything yellow and I am not sure there is any value given no pepper added but it was nice to dring.

Q. Marcus I was exercising hard and my calf tightened up any thoughts on what happened and what I should be doing that i am not which led to this?

4. The holiday season is coming and it is time to start planning.
FitBit is already on it and giving a bit of advice.
I encourage you to do the same thing and transform the way you navigate these final few months of the year. Not sure how to start? Here are seven ways to find calm during a chaotic holiday season:

1. Find Your Focus

Before you launch into go-mode, take a deep breath and consider what the holidays are really all about. It may feel like parties, treats, and gifts are the sole motivators for surviving the season, but remember the things that truly matter: friends, family, kindness, and love (and okay, good food doesn’t hurt).

2. Stick to a Schedule

The quickest way for me to go nuts is to get off track with my regular routine. To avoid crankiness, I stick as closely to my regular eating and moving schedules as possible. That means, even during that notoriously indulgent break between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I maintain business as usual when I can. My Fitbit tracker is super helpful here—it allows me to keep logging my workouts and sleep, and the consistent reminders to move (and breathe!) make a big difference.

3. Make Sleep a Priority

I have a tendency to stay up late during the holidays, trying to get everything done. But the best thing I can do is get a good night’s sleep and leave any outstanding tasks until the morning. That endless list of to-dos is always there when I wake up and I’m so much more prepared to tackle it when I’m not groggy.

4. Go Easy on the Booze

Party pooper alert! I know, I know, but I’m not saying you should ban all adult beverages; you should just know your limits. Alcohol is a depressant, which means it not only disrupts your sleep, but it wreaks havoc on your body and brain the next day—and don’t get me started on how it lowers your inhibitions, leading to everything from overeating to accidental gossip at the dinner table. Pre-select which events you feel are worthy of a drink, and imbibe wisely (no, you can’t choose all days ending in Y).

5. Stay Grateful

Here I go with the cliches, but…If I stay in a space of gratitude, I look at every event as an opportunity as opposed to a responsibility. So much of life is what goes on between our ears, and if we can influence our thoughts to be positive, then why not do everything possible to swing things in our favor?

6. Recognize the Insanity

Let’s face it, no matter how Zen we try to be, the holidays are just kind of crazy-making. And that’s okay! Acknowledge the chaos, confide in a friend, cry it out if you have to, and then hit the reset button. I personally rely on 5-minute meditation breaks to maintain my sanity. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or formal—sometimes just sitting in my car in the mall parking lot, focusing on my breath with the Relax feature on my Fitbit tracker, is enough to get re-centered.

7. When All Else Fails…Hide

This might sound silly, but hiding is one of my go-to coping strategies—and I know I’m not the only one! I’m not talking about a week-long escape to a private island (although that sounds amazing)—I mean grabbing a moment to myself somewhere in my house, away from all the friends, family, kids, and plus-ones. An abundance of loved ones is incredibly special, but it can also feel super intense, so hiding out for a few minutes can bring sweet relief. I highly recommend integrating your own mini hiding sessions into the holiday season—you’ll feel like you’re getting away with a sneaky secret, and the moment of peace will replenish your spirit (and patience).
Here’s to your health, happiness, and a stress-free holiday season!

Q. What would you recommend as a good 40 minute bodyweight routine when we head home for the holidays!

What are some of the best excuses you hear for not coming to the gym?

Q. Marcus how do I know if I am lifting heavy enough weights?

Q. Marcus cardio vs weights is there a perfect mix?

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