Sunday, October 22, 2017

The CarClinic October 17, 2017

We don't know of another program in the Middle East that talks about car repair for an hour but that is exactly what we do with Glenn Power on the CarClinic.

Here is what we spoke about on the show.

Zewdu Argebo] I have Hyundai Tuscon. I remember  hanging the time belt at 100 k with the advice of service center. Now it is done like 220 k , do I need to change the time belt again?

Kumar Mulani] Hi. The upholstery on the roof of my Panamera has come undone (due to the heat). Any suggestions on where I can get it fixed besides the dealership?

Khaled Mousa] What is considered good mileage my prado  V6;2003 and it gives me 500km for 200 dhs is that good or is that bad

I took my 2006 Seat Altea for a service and was told there were parts needed replacing. Problem is there’s no Seat garage now so no parts. The garage that did the service says I need a engine valve gasket and a brake valve assy. They say they need to remove the parts for samples so they can ask suppliers. This would mean my car was off the road for a long time - is it really necessary for them to take the parts or should the car make, model and chassis number suffice? Peter

Great program to listen and learn about cars, thanks for hosting this wonderful show. I would like to ask you about the air-conditioning problem I am facing with my Rangerover sports 2010, the air leaked a month ago with cooling only on one side of the dashboard so got that fixed by refilling at autopro.
But yesterday it stopped again after sitting ideal for 2 days over the weekend. Got it to mechanic and they could not find any leak, so they put some dye to find the leak, they suspect the vibrator leaking in dashboard. They are quoting 3000 for the repair is this correct.  Is there any other way to lookfor leak. Thanka for your help. Kushal

Hi James this is Ben. I have a problem with the roof/ceiling of my A5 convertible Audi. The ceiling fabric seems to be hanging down to low and is slightly touching my hair it's as if some clips of become unclip behind the ceiling and the convertible mechanism. Any advice? Cheers been

[From: Abu Sara] Hi guys,
I have a BMW 525 (2007).
When I leave the car in the direct sunlight (which is every afternoon at my workplace) for a couple of hours or more, the AC fans don’t work.
After 15-20 mins of driving the fans then begin to work and the car cools just fine from then on in.
[From: Abu Sara] At any other time of day the AC works perfectly fine.
[From: Abu Sara] So definitely not a problem with AC gas

The honda creeky sound is most probably a transmission gear issue.....i had the on my mazda 6

[From: Mudhasir Asmath] The water gt mixed wz da cost me 9k

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