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TechTalk October 24, 2017

So, are you trying to figure out if you are ready to buy the new Blackberry KeyOne? Wondering what is going on in the world of technology? Then this is the show that you want to be tuned into and Andrew Thomas walks us through the tech landscape.

Andrew is a true BlackBerry fan you are going to want to listen to his conversation!

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Here is the speaking list.

-facebook for news
-steve wozniak WOZ U
  1. The KeyOne Blackberry Thumbs up or down?

The BlackBerry KEYone reimagines the modern smartphone, offering a Smart Keyboard, unmatched battery life, unique
convenience and privacy features, and the most secure Android™ smartphone experience.

An iconic BlackBerry smartphone made for the modern user,
the BlackBerry KEYone combines a black matte aluminum
frame and soft grip textured back built to offer the best in
durability. It also has a 4.5-inch touch display that features
Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4; offering greater impact and scratch

The BlackBerry KEYone reimagines communication, with a
Smart Keyboard that goes beyond typing, responding to
touch gestures that mimic the heritage of the BlackBerry
trackpad. The Smart Keyboard also features flick typing, up to
52 customizable shortcuts, and an embedded fingerprint
sensor for added functionality and security.

Featuring the largest battery ever in a BlackBerry smartphone,
the KEYone offers all-day use and then some, thanks to its
3505mAh battery. Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 3.0 technology
enables up to 50 percent charge in roughly 36 minutes. For
times when you only have a few moments to grab a fast
charge, BlackBerry’s Boost can turbo charge your battery to
get you the most charge with the limited time you have.
Enjoy the convenience and functionality of Android™ 7.1 Nougat.
Get access to over one million apps in the Google Play™ store,
including BlackBerry Hub® which brings all your messages into
one consolidated place; including emails, texts and messages
from any social media account.

BlackBerry KEYone provides enhanced security features,
giving you visibility and control over the privacy of your device,
including what personal information may be shared — from
your location, your pictures, your texts. From the built-in DTEK
privacy monitoring app, to the monthly security updates from
Android, with the BlackBerry KEYone, you have built in protection
from the start.

The BlackBerry KEYone includes a 12MP rear camera with an
industry leading camera sensor that captures sharp, crisp
photos in any light. The wide aperture lens with large 1.55m
pixels and dual-tone flash ensures your photos will have superior
color and clarity. For times when you have to take a video
conference on the go, the device includes an 8MP front camera
with fixed focus, LCD Flash, and 84-degree wide angle lens.
4.5-inch touch display with Corning®
Gorilla® Glass 4

The first smartphone with a fingerprint
sensor built into the keyboard
3505mAh battery with Quick Charge™
3.0 and USB-C charging -
50% charge in up to 36 minutes
5.87in x 2.85in x .37in

4.5-inch (1620 x 1080)
3:2 aspect ratio
Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4
Touch-enabled backlit keyboard
with fingerprint sensor
Capacitive touch keyboard
35-key backlit keyboard with
support for: type by swiping
contextual auto-correction
contextual next word prediction
personalized learning engine
12MP Large Pixel (1.55um)
IMX378 sensor
Rear Camera with Auto-Focus
Phase Detect Auto Focus
4x digital zoom, f2.0 lens
Dual-tone LED flash, HDR
Video/Image Stabilization
4K Video Recording at 30 fps
Panorama, Burst, Live Filters
8MP Large Pixel (1.125um)
Fixed Focus 84° wide angle
Selfie Flash via LCD display
1080p Video at 30 fps
HDR, Live Filters, Panorama Selfie
Video/Image Stabilization
Battery: 3505mAh
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 625
Octa-Core 2.0 GHz, 64-bit
Adreno 506, 650MHz GPU
Android 7.1 Nougat, USB-C
Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 3.0
BlackBerry Keyboard, BlackBerry
Hub, BlackBerry Calendar,
Contacts by BlackBerry, Notes by
BlackBerry, Tasks by BlackBerry,
BBM, DTEK by BlackBerry,
BlackBerry Device Search,
BlackBerry Launcher, BlackBerry
Hub+ Services, BlackBerry Help,
BlackBerry Password Keeper,
BlackBerry Content Transfer,
BlackBerry Privacy Shade,
BlackBerry Power Center
Gmail, Hangouts, Google Chrome,
Google Drive, Google Maps,
YouTube, Google Play, Photos,
Messenger (SMS), Clock
LTE1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20,
28, 29, 30
TDD LTE: 38, 39, 40, 41
LTE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 13, 17, 20, 28
TDD LTE: 38, 40
Both variants support:
HSPA+ 1,2,4,5/6,8
Quad Band Edge
802.11 b/g/n for 2.4 GHz, 802.11 a/n
and ac for 5 GHz
4G Mobile Hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct
Bluetooth 4.2, USB Type C, USB OTG
NFC, FM Radio
Integrated speakers with dual microphones
w/ active noise cancellation
Hands-free headset capable
Bluetooth headset capable
Integrated Hands-Free Speakerphone
HAC Rating: M4/T3
3.5mm jack
Codecs: MPEG-4, AAC+, AAC-LC,
H.263, H.264, H265/HEVC, MIDI, MP3,
VP9, Xvid, eAAC+
Internal Memory: 4GB RAM +
64GB ROM, microSD (up to 2TB)
GPS/A-GPS, Fingerprint
(spacebar), Accelerometer,
Magnetometer, Gyroscope,
Proximity, Ambient Light

2. The Android 8 OreO update is out
Just loaded it  so haven’t had a good play but liking the tweaks
-audio is louder!
-3D pics possible
-Google assistant is awesome

3. Prezi heading to AR, so cool I haven’t used Prezi in years but loved it! Will go back!

4. Micro-influencer, this is the real deal I think

Unlike celebrities, micro-influencers are often just like us. I think of them as people with between 1,000-10,000 followers, but for the most part, I focus on those in the 1,000-6,000 range. They’re individuals that are vocal about what they like and don’t like on social, and they engage frequently with the people that follow them about those likes and dislikes.
And while they don’t have the hundreds of thousands of followers, their audiences are often much more engaged. Generally, as an influencer’s number of followers increases, their number of likes and comments from those followers decreases. People might like posts as a way to remember certain ones, but without a back-and-forth conversation, I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t follow those people for very long.
When a celebrity has a million followers, each one of those million people might follow that celebrity for a different reason - some may follow because they like the fashion of that celebrity influencer, while another might follow them because they loved a TV show they were on, or a movie they were in. On the other hand, micro-influencers’ audiences are more highly targeted. If they have 1,000 followers, it's more than likely that those 1,000 people all follow them for the same reason – because, like the micro-influencer, they share a passion about a particular area of interest.

5. VR advertising is coming!

While advertising in virtual reality is hardly a mass market reality, some new insights are indicating that there are some ways of doing it better than others.
In a test of ads inside a virtual reality game, researcher found that some formats were more effective than others.
Biometric measurements were taken from a sample of three ad formats seen by a panel of 54 U.S. adults.
The study, conducted by YuMe, with Isobar, Rlty Chk and Retinad, was aimed at learning the ad recall rates over a 24-hour-period.
The ad formats in the VR games were pre-roll video, logo banner ads and 3D interactive objects.
To determine effectiveness, various measurements were taken, including by measuring heart rate variability, measuring skin conductance and measuring facial muscle contractions as indicators of pleasant or unpleasant affect.
Pre-roll came out on top both on aided and unaided recall. Here’s the rate for aided recall:
  • 88% -- Pre-roll
  • 59% -- Banner ad
  • 35% -- 3D interactive
As might be expected, un-aided recall of ads was a bit lower, but the patterns remained the same. Here’s the unaided recall rate:
  • 59% -- Pre-roll
  • 35% -- Banner ad
  • 20% -- 3D interactive
The good news for the prospects of VR advertising is that most (74%) found the experience less intrusive than digital advertising and most (69%) said the ad was well integrated.
Brand recall in VR gaming was high across all ad formats but only video maintained high ad recall the next day, with unaided recall of the ads overall at 30%. Pre-roll topped that category as well, with 43% unaided recall.
This may be one early indicator that at least some form of advertising can be effective in some forms of virtual reality.
Hey, it’s a start.

6. Common Sense Media Ads! Awesome

7. Privacy and sharing big in the new tweaks from SNAP
Snapchat added a couple features to its iOS version today, along with a quality-of-life tweak. First, you can now send links from other apps to your Snapchat friends using iOS's 'share' tray. And second, you can now temporarily turn off location sharing with the new 'Ghost Mode' for a few hours, a whole day or until you close the app.
You can also watch your friends' Stories anywhere in the app by tapping and holding on their usernames, which is convenient but unrelated. The share-thru-Snapchat might be a new avenue for referral traffic, TechCrunchpoints out, as the old method required users to copy and paste URLs. For the record, Android already had this feature, and it's getting the 'Ghost Mode' later today or tomorrow.
Ghost Mode is a nice addition for folks who previously forgot they'd permanently toggled off location sharing. Given that many users don't even realize that's part of Snapchat, given that it's hidden behind the in-app camera screen and accessible via pinching out, this might bring the 'discover nearby' feature some needed visibility.
8. Will Snap glasses go down as a blunder?
Sure, they were a hot commodity when they first dropped, but almost a year later and Snapchat has "hundreds of thousands" of pairs of Spectaclessitting in Chinese warehouses. The news, via The Information, comes after CEO Evan Spiegel boasted that sales of the video-recording sunglasses had topped 150,000. Apparently execs were so enthused by how popular Spectacles were in their limited run, that the company ordered more and is left holding the bag now that demand has waned.
More than that, the move to buy drone-maker Zero Zero has fallen through according to the publication's sources. The reason? Its $200 million asking price. There's a chance, however, that the unsold inventory might not hurt the company. Unassembled parts could be upgraded or repurposed for new models, for instance. Maybe for now don't expect any crazy new hardware from the ephemeral social network, though.
9. Amazon testing food delivery in their app!

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