Saturday, September 23, 2017

The CarClinic with Glenn Power September 19, 2017

So, we love to talk cars and we generally seem to be pretty bad at actually understanding the mechanics of those cars we love.

As soon as we have to get our cars repaired we tend to act like fish out of water and become easy prey for anyone looking to take advantage of us.

So, Nightline has taken on the challenge to educate us about car maintenance and repair and we do that with Glenn Power the influencer mechanic in Dubai.

This week we had phone calls during every part of the show.

Click to listen to the show.

Here is a look at the show notes.

-Is it possible to replace the mirrors on the door if they are cloudy

-My hyundai is making a hard knocking sound when it starts what might that be?

-Passenger seat is electric in my car and it is not moving, how do I diagnose if it is a motor or something less serious?

-How do we test if our airbags are working I am driving a 12 year old vehicle?

-I am smelling coolant inside my car  when my car is running any idea what is going on?

-do I need to change the power steering and brake fluids?

-Help! I have had fitten a new hydraulic/steering pump, after a few hours of operation the pump started to become noisy. It is at its worst when on full lock, either way. When turning at slow speed the pump is noisy and there is minor pulsation from the steering whee

-Any idea? The truck misfires really bad. Code came right after engine was pulled to change crossover pipe. Now I also have misfire on cylinder 5?

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