Saturday, September 23, 2017

CarTalk with Motoring ME September 18, 2017

We start our week of programming on Nightline with a good old conversation about cars with the folks at Motoring Middle East,

There are no surprises here, lots of talk about what is hot and what is not on the roads of the Middle East.  Well, there is always the chance we won't agree on what is a great choice but you can be certain you will be entertained by the justifications for one car over another.

This alone would be an hour of conversation, the Jeep or the Porsche, personally the Jeep is the obvious vehicle to love but the MME boys would have a reason to like a scooter instead for sure and that isn't even in the picture.

Click for the podcast.

Here is a look at the notes.

Let’s talk about what you guys have been driving!

Noel- Volvo, Alfa Gulietta
Shahz-Hyundai Hybrid, Suzuki Baleno . Also got the Kia Rio

-Is there a best car for under 75,000 dhs for commuting within Dubai at the moment?
-Shazh-Car News Roundup - Electric & Hybrid stars of Frankfurt, Plus speed limit drops!
This week we're looking at the cars shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show and it's all about electric…

-Best Spark Review on YouTube'

-Where are the Indian made cars?

-Rear Wheel drive economy cars are there any?

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