Friday, September 29, 2017

CarClinic with Glenn Power September 26, 2017

It is great to talk about what car to buy  but we also need to keep in mind that we all need a lesson or 2 on how to maintain our vehicles!

Glenn Power the UAE's very own automotive influencer is in the house and he is helping us learn more about the nuts and bolts of automotive repair and maintenance by helping you fix your car.

One thing is for sure, Glenn is at the top of his game.

Email questions in advance to

This week we had some great phone calls and a lot of interest in AC issues.

Click for the podcast.

The show notes.

Lots of AC questions!
  1. If there is condensation on the vents of my car when the AC is on what is happening and what do I needs to do?
  2. Is taking 20 minutes to cool down when the car is in the sun seems odd is my compressor going?
  3. I was told I have a dehumidifier problem with my AC, is that for real?
  4. If my AC is going will my car idle rough?

  1. 25-Sep-17 9:52:11 PM Hi guys. I bought a 2017 path finder 3 weeks back. It’s brand new. From the day I bought the car when I reach 120kmph or higher my steering wheel have a strange vibration. I did my 1000 km within a week did my service and complain to Nissan. They said they aligned the wheel. And some issue with tyre. Still I have the issue. Any advices guys. Thank u. Nazafi
  2. My seatbelt sensor is going on and off is the connection in the side that rolls up or the clasp do you think? Hard to fix?
  3. How do I know if the odometer of a car has been tampered with?
  4. My windshield wiper motor is making an odd squeeking sound is that a sign it is on its way out it still works well…
  5. I am hearing a clunk clunk clunk when I turn left any idea what that might be?
  6. I was told that the warning band on my break pads has been reached but i can go longer does that sound right?

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