Saturday, June 17, 2017

CarTalk with Motoring Middle East June 12, 2017

You love cars and so do the men at Motoring Middle East and that is why they join Nightline every week to talk cars!

2/3 of the MME Team!

This week we had a great chat about the Volvo S90 and as far as I am concerned, this is one of the top cars of the year, I would buy one. AED 279,999

The Passat is top of my list and the S90 #2, simply because of the price but this is a very very good car!

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The dash is a great balance of tech and art.

The flag on the seat is 100% pride and these were very comfortable seats. 

A nice twist on the start and stop button and a nifty little toggle to go to sport mode.

What a sound system.

Jeep or Volvo S90? I will take the S90 today.

Sweet backside.

Attention to detail.

The cabin is a safety cage like no other car I have been in.

Family car or racer?

Yea sweet ride.

This is a Volvo with attitude.

Nice for the driver and the passengers.

AC and stereo.

Plenty of leg room.

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