Saturday, June 17, 2017

CarClinic with June 13, 2017

We fix cars on the radio as simple  as that.

Glenn Power is in the house from and his goal is to educate you on how to keep your car running the best it can.

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Here are the show note questions.

Q. is there an electronic release if you lock your keys in your car

Could u suggest a good workshop where one can get the car serviced that is genuine and not very expensive too. Basically reliable workshop.

Hi! i have a VW R32 2009. Dealership check picked these for replacement: Final Drive (aed27k), haldex module(aed 8k), Gearbox mechatronic (aed 11k), catalytic converter and exhaust (aed 15k), compressor (aed 4k) & some more parts with labor totaling to 68k!! that is twice the value of car. Is it a good idea to buy another R32 and cannibalize it for parts? thanks. Kabir

PS: I am really keen to hold onto this R32. Can spend Aed 30k buying the second one if this solution. Regards

I've got a 1980 Pontiac Trans Am. It has a 4 barrel holley carburettor. Do you know anyone who can tune up a carburettor in town?!

Honda pilot mid range or touring version. ?

Hey James I've gotta question. Are the Nissans and the Toyotas in this region over serviced (as in manufacturers recommended oil/filter change every 5000kms)? Or is it due to our harsh climate conditions? As I understand, other car manufacturers recommend an oil/filter change every 10 or even 15,000kms. 

Personally I service my car every 10,000kms (because I find it cheaper) and take it into the garage if I ever hear anything that doesn't sound quite normal

I have a fj cruiser manual and its an all time for so what I want to do is disconnect the all time for a make it into two wheel because it has that has the option for Centre differential lock so I can put it on four wheel whenever I want so what so would i he harming anything

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