Saturday, May 13, 2017

The CarClinic with's Glenn Power May 9, 2017

It is one thing to own a car and a totally different thing to keep it running well!

Can you trust the garage? Can you trust friends? Who really has an idea what is wrong and is not trying to take your money?

The CarClinic is here!

Glenn Power and James.

The Show Notes.

Q. Just a comment I worry about people working on a vehicle that don’t drive

Q. any idea where I can reprogram a North American car radio to UAE

Q. Any idea why we don’t have UAE spec tires?

Q. out of the blue my vehicle won’t accelerate any idea why?

Q. Is there an electronic gizmo we can buy to unlock car doors if we lock our keys in the car?

Q. Agency silencer or 3rd party any preference?

Q. Leaf springs vs coil springs seeing a few vehicles with leaf and wondering if they are too old today

Q. is it possible to replace power seats for old school

Q. When I turn my steering wheel it makes a grinding sound at the base of the steering wheel is that normal, old car not as old as James’

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