Friday, May 26, 2017

GetGitRadio with Innerfight's Marcus Smith May 22, 2017

There are no shortage of questions about fitness and who can you ask for answers without getting the feeling that there is a bias to the answer?

GetFitRadio is the fitness Q&A one-stop-shop.

Marcus Smith

The show notes and links.

As always the things we didn't get to are also included.

Syed Rizvi] Hi guys in Jan i was huge i started exercise in mid jan and since then i have lost 10 kilo without changing my i am big...what should be referred to assess ideal weight bmi? Or waist to height ratio?
Marcus Smith @Innerfight

-seeing more people running these days and have a guy we pass and cheer on in Mirdif!


-the mind side of eating!

Q. Marcus I want to start doing a home routine of body weight movements 45 minutes 3 times a week any suggestions I am flummoxed by the number of suggestions

Q. Is skipping really that good of an exercise?

Q. I keep getting headaches after I work out maybe I am dehydrated? Thoughts?

Q. Wearables do you think they help?

Q. What do you think is is better to do exercise fast or slow? How do I get the best benefit?

Q. Constantly getting a golf ball focused pain in my calf  day after a good workout what might I be doing wrong?

Q. Is there a trick to double unders?

Q. In terms of fitness literacy what do the kids finishing High School need to take with them as they leave the UAE for the next phase?

Q. 9-9-9 workout , 9 reps, nine rounds, 9 moves what do you think?

Q. What do you think of the FitBit research on the fittest cities in America. What about fittest places in the UAE?
Fitbit's Overall Fittest Cities in America

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