Saturday, May 13, 2017

GetFitRadio with Innerfight and Marcus Smith May 8, 2017

Marcus is one of those fitness guys who not only gets into the gym with the best of the best but he works with the likes of you and me, those who are just trying to get a little more in shape.

The challenge is we all have questions and it would seem that there is no shortage of places to turn for answers, but can the answers be trusted?

And that is why we have GetFitRadio with the team at Innerfight.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

The show notes and links.

  1. Let’s talk beyond the gym and the motivational training you do in the gym for companies.
  2. Innerfight has an app? Android?
  3. Noon workouts, what is it about taking lunch in the gym that just works?
  4. Why weight is not as important as we think?

#1: Eat More

#2: Control Volume of Training

#3: Know Your Body

  1. `staying active during an injury and that time of the year is on us!
  2. What do we really need in a home gym Danny in the newsroom is getting a nice collection of free weights, kettle bells and skip ropes!
  3. Thoughts on fitness retreats?
  4. 4 moves to help posture and prevent pain, is it this easy?
  5. Q. this is a question you get a lot I am sure, do we need specific shoes for specific activities or are a cross trainer great, I ask because I see people changing shoes in the gym
  6. Q. gloves for pull ups do they help make the grip better or do we just need to work through the pain of the calluses
  7. Q. how important is breakfast and could that be a link to why some training is not working to give the best physical result?
  8. Really? Lowering weight during resistance training may make you stronger than the lifting

14. Q. do you think we make excuses for not being active because we don’t want to fail so we quit 1st?
15.Q.  Is there a worst exercise you see people doing at gyms and say why?????

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