Thursday, May 04, 2017

DocTalk with My Dental Clinic May 3, 2017

Who doesn't have a question about teeth?

Who do you ask about toothpaste or whitening or scaling, the list doesn't end.

My Dental Clinic's dentists join the show to answer your questions.
The crew!

Dr. Anne Albaek (Pediatric Dentistry)
- Dr. Lina Papika (Orthodontics/braces)
- Dr. Chris Johansson (General & Cosmetic Denistry)
- Dr. Stefan Pihlveus (General & Cosmetic Dentistry)

The show notes.

- Pediatric dentistry, when to take your child to the dentist for the first time? Brushing habits? Eating habits? Fluor supplements?

- Orthodontic treatment, how do I know if my child need orthodontic treatment? Normally, at what age? Which alternatives do I have as an adult for Orthodontic treatment? Why do I get a relapse? Do I need to wear retainers every night after I've completed orthodontic treatment?

- GP, how often should I visit the dentist/hygienist? Do I need to replace my silver/amalgam fillings? TMJ problems? Damaged teeth from grinding teeth? I have discolored teeth, what's my options? I have a moling pain from time to time, but it always goes away.. Can I ignore it? Will teeth whitening damage my teeth/enamel? I have a gummy smile, what are my options? I've never had a cavity in my life but on my last visit to the dentist I was told I have multiple cavities, can I trust dentists in Dubai?

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