Thursday, May 04, 2017

CarTalk with May 1, 2017

Questions about what car is best for you but can't get through all the noise of the dealers?

CarTalk has straight and honest talk about what these guys think is hot and not.
Photo by James Piecowye

A look at some of the messages to the show!

What would you choose between mazda 6 and volkswagen passat? Do u suggest any  better/good 2.5L car?

Does it matter which petrol i put in my vehicle and whats the difference between special and super
Hi. A new pajero or fortuner vs 2012/13 land cruiser? Have had a pajero for ages but fancy a change.

Hi james and team.. Yes i passed a blue m2 today in my red fabia.. I thought not bad at last a decent bmw nice wheel arches and wide tyres....  The lastwas the bmw m3 evo e30 ? . . Ian (the skoda guy)

I have wrangler which is out of warranty, costs 5k to renew warranty should I sell it? It also has done 56k needs new tires - thanks Z

So guys just to but in about the passat.  I am a Vw fan and driveing the passat at the moment but it is extremly boaring! Id oes feel safe but plastic. The fusion, acord, and the mazda 6 are much nicer to drive. Camry is nice but also boaring. Marc

Is it wise to lease a convertible for  UAE winters. If so what's the best way to go about it? --Muzammil

Saudi only has 91 and 95 petrol. Since the cars are the same for the region, it makes me wonder, does anyone ever need 98?

1st off, respect, hats off, & a bow to you guys. You have never disappointed, you have given us an awesome show every week. A huge 'Thank You' from a fan.
Now my request, I saw the new F-150 raptor & fell in love with it. I am thinking of buying 1, I would appreciate hearing your take on it.

i have great respect for the audis but however i feel they age very quickly in uae climate comparing to mercedes and bmw.  have u guys any thoughts on this? 

Anyone driven the new land rover i guess LR5. Any good office road like the LR4? Looks a bit more urban. Marc
Anyone driven the new land rover i guess LR5. Any good off road like the LR4? Looks a bit more urban. Marc

hi I saw that the new Honda civic r type is the fastest front wheel drive production car in the world . will they be bringing it to the uae

Hello team, wht shud i buy with 100k budget. Need a car with good leg space. Was thinking pajero rgds Sairam

I have an Audi q5 2014. Just crossed 3years and I have to say the driving is not the same. There's always little bits and bobs breaking but thankful for the warranty. Even changed the turbo when it was 18months old.

Hi Guys ! Great show again tonite.. wohoo ! How different would a 4.8 ltr v6 patrol feel from the jeep grand cherokee 5.7 ltr v8 that i drive now - ashwin

Hi, josh here; love ur show, really informative... ive got a mini s 2008.although a joy to drive, its trouble to maintain. Wots ur take on minis in general

Are 10+ year old supercars a good buy or will they be for ever breaking down? Thinking of Ferrari 348.
Hey guys. I have a 2014 Jeep Wrangler manual with Ripp Supercharger/KN intake. Car is a beast & awesome but I'm facing performance issues with the engine when AC is running only. No one can diagnose. Please help. Ryan

What are the cons of the top end new land cruiser and is it worth it's price? Do you know if a car is bought before Dec 31st 2017 and installments spill over the next few years would i have vat included in my purchase? You know where this question is coming from? Perhaps for the legal team..?

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