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CarClinic with's Glenn Power May 16, 2017

On Nightline we love to talk cars and if you are buying a car that means you also need to be fixing a car.

And if you are like me finding a good mechanic and getting straight talk is always an issue.

Well, Nightline has you covered with the CarClinic.

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Glenn Power is in the house and we are answering your car repair questions.

Put a face to the voice!

Show notes.


I am a huge fan of your show. I simply love the content your channel churns out, be it CarTalk or Car Clinic, Tech Talk or Business Breakfast. You guys simply are creating great inspiring local content, which listeners like me truly appreciate.
I had a question:
I own a pre-owned BMW 316i (2012 model) which is come down with a engine light issue (the engine light indicator on the dashboard is indicating there is some issue). Now despite a service contract worth AED 7,000, the agency is asking me for a Inspection fee of AED 1,000+  which I find unreasonable. Could you please suggest me some reasonable workshop I can take my car to. Please help.

Also, I'm fascinated with the Tesla 3. Would you recommend putting down an advance?

With Kindest Regards,

Q. Is it usual for the front brakes to wear more than the back?

Q Are drum brakes better than disc brakes I think you once spoke about this?

Q. as a rule of thumb when should a timing belt be changed and do they really need to be changed?

Q. How often should the spark plugs be changed?

Q. help, wiper switch does not activate wipers thru any of the modes, intermittent, slow or fast. washer, signals, hi beam all work. replaced under hood fuse box, the body control module and the signal/washer switch. motor has additional ground on it to firewall and works …

Q. Hello. my blower is fluctuating in speed. After a while the blower is dying out slowly then at some point barely any air is blowing I am thinking it is the blower motor. Also it takes about maybe 4 to 5 minutes for cold air to come out of the vents .

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