Saturday, April 29, 2017

The CarClinic with Glenn Power from CarPro April 25, 2017

We are not sure if there is another radio program in the Middle East that is taking your questions about car repair live on air, we are a virtual garage.

You call and Glenn has answers.

ARN and the CarClinic Photo by James Piecowye

Here some of what we spoke about.

Q. When I turn off the engine of my Durango 2009 it keeps going like it wants to quit but cant any idea what is happening?

Q Can I disable the sensors for tire pressure? How? VW Golf 2007

Q I heard an ad on the Eye where Stef from the ticket was turning off her car at the lights to save gas, she drives a picanto, is there really any reason to do that?

Q. auto turn off cars is that harder on the starter?

Q. When I am not driving my car for 8 weeks should I do anything to prepare the engine to maintain seals ?

Q. When I start my Mazda 3 it just tries to start but never goes any ideas I know this is pretty sparse

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