Saturday, April 29, 2017

GetGitRadio with Innerfight's Marcus Smith April 17, 2017

Who do you speak to when you have fitness questions, your friends or Google or maybe a magazine? All are good sources but Marcus Smith on Nightline's GetFitRadio is really the best source of fitness advice in the UAE.

Photo by James Piecowye

All sorts of great questions and answers on the show.

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The show notes and links.

Q. HIT, LIT why do we need to have a balance between our workouts? Wouldn’t HIIT suit us every day and give the best long-term effect?

Q. I see people at the gym using kettle bells, have not used them myself, what are kettle bells giving the user that other exercises might not, I guess I am asking what is being worked?

Q. do you think peer pressure is maybe the key to going the extra mile when working out?

Q. I keep hearing that we give up much earlier than we actually have to when we are training, do you agree?

Q. what is all they hype about banded fitness?

Q is there an optimum number of reps I should do of an exercise for good fitness results?

Q is there any benefit to walking or do I need to be going at a slow jog for results?

Q. Push pull workouts for muscle growth seems obvious yet we are not doing it always doing it thoughts?

Marcus what do you think is the next big thing in the world of fitness? Loaded question but where do you see the industry going and here in Dubai?

Walk us through this week’s Innerfight podcast

Have you seen this trailer, OMG! Makes you want to try crossfit or not.

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