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GetFitRadio with Marcus Smith from Innerfight April 24, 2017

Every week we sit down with Marcus Smith from Innerfight Gym and talk about your fitness success and set backs.

There is never a shortage of questions and we are always happy to hear from you.

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Marcus Smith Photo by James Piecowye

The show notes and links.

-Congrats on making it to the next stage of the Grossfit games!
-Marcus do you think we need to think more about how we define fit?
Q. Marcus you guys talk about abs a lot, if I want to completely work my abs what are the exercises I should be doing can you outline the plan?

-Interesting piece on cellphones and workouts! 2016 study showed that texting and talking could negatively affect balance during everyday activities. Time spent on the phone can impact postural stability, leading to balance problems. Being on your cell phone while working out, running, or walking can throw off your posture, increasing the risk of falling or injuries.
And, if you're so focused on your phone, there's no way you're going to be able to push yourself as hard as you possibly can. Even taking just a minute or two to talk or text between sets will drop your heart rate, which means you'll burn less energy per hour than you would if you blasted through your workout in one go. The result: less effective workout, and a greater risk of injuries. Make no mistake: cell phones can make your life easier. A smartphone provides you with an easy way to listen to all your music and audiobooks, read your books, or even watch TV and movies while you work out. Many people use their phones for entertainment while on the treadmill, elliptical machine, or exercise bike. But if you're serious about doing a full-on workout—especially a resistance training workout—it may be time to unplug from your phone. Talking or texting during your workout will throw off your balance and posture and decrease the intensity of your training. You'll see less visible results from the time you spend at the gym, and you may end up spending more time training because you're taking a break to talk or text between sets.
-Thoughts on the Rona Ambrose workout! Ambrose’s WorkoutA few notes before you begin! Rona uses 12- and 15-pound free weights for this workout, and the butt challenge is straight out of Cosmo magazine (you know how we feel about a good butt challenge!). In between days of doing this workout, Rona says she loves to going skiing, hiking and snowshoeing. (Man, we need to visit Canada more often!)Warm up: 10-20 mins running on treadmill to warm upFull-body move: 15 reps of dumbbell clean and pressCosmo’s Butt Challenge:15 reps x 3 sets: squats15 reps x 3 sets: lunges on each side15 reps x 3 sets: donkey kicks15 reps x 3 sets: dead lifts with free weights15 reps x 3 sets: glute bridgeAb work:The hundredLeg raisesBicycle kicksScissorsBonus: 20 reps of bicep curls with dumbbells
Q-is there a way to do a perfect burpee? spite of its funny name (which came from its creator, physiologist Royal Burpee, in 1939), the Burpee delivers serious benefits, such as core stability, total-body strength, power, and even a cardio challenge. The move works nearly every muscle in your body and can serve as an intense, ultra-quick workout. Do Burpees for a minute and you could see the same benefits you’d get from a slower, 45-minute workout session. And since the only equipment you’ll need is your own bodyweight, you can do burpees virtually anywhere.Q stopped seeing any gains but still want to see some fat loss and muscle gain, any tips to get past a month long plateau?
Q. What is your strategy to build to legitimate pullups and not just 1!
Q. thoughts on altitude training? Is it necessary if you really want to win say at running or cycling or just any sport?
Thoughts on this rump workout? Rope skipping a must!
-Q getting cramps in my calves at night after a workout I was told to drink more water any other suggestions?
-Q how can I get the most out of a treadmill workout? Vary speed? Vary incline? Time?
-Q 12 things we hear in the gym and what they mean lets go through them!
Q-13 boxing inspired moves great cardio!

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