Saturday, April 29, 2017

CarTalk with April 24, 2017

Imthishan joins us from to do what he does best, talk about the best cars in the Middle East.

The man himself. Photo by James Piecowye

This show is like GhostBusters for cars, breaks through the junk and gets to the point.

The show notes.

What are you driving?
-640BHP Camero, want one!-Haval SUV, dragon mart is giving them-What is the good option 1st car, 60,000 dhs range single, economy, city, maybe to rak?
-Pajero’s good value good option for 1st SUV 7 seater why would I go used and say Toyota?
New York Auto Show Some cool stuff! What caught your attention?
4. All the talk about autonomous vehicles think it is to get us to buy in?
5. Honda Clarity Hydrogen Sedan! Hmmm. Why has this rather old idea not gained traction?
Hydrogen gas is sold by the kilogram instead of the gallon and at the station we used to fill the Mirai in La Canada, Calif., it was $16.63 per kilogram. The Mirai was three-quarters empty at that point and the tanks hold around 5 kilograms of hydrogen, so it took 3.81 kilograms to fill back it up at a cost of $63.51. The trip meter read 195.3 miles at that point. That put the cost per mile at around $0.33. This is still much higher than the cost of fuel for a gasoline vehicle; the EPA estimates the cost per mile of a 2016 Prius to be $0.04 per mile.
6. Tesla Pickup!
7. Carbon fibre on the Vette does it make it any better? No…
8. Volks and electric cars! This is interesting!

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