Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Indie JukeBox in the RAW March 22, 2017

Every week we sit down over a cup of coffee and bring you some great indie tunes from the Middle East.

This week it is all about Step Music.

Adam and Big Hass are in the house and another unpredictable week is before us.

Big Hass and Adam

Click for the podcast.

The Playlist.

Tayf (Ghost)_Mashrou Leila 4:25

 Mish Aktar_Muqataa 3:38 

Winter's Come_Saffron Collins 4:17 

SchoolYard_Narcy 4:01 

Ana Bukra Muattel_Autostrad 4:14 

Tigers On Tujunga_BeiRu 2:20

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