Saturday, March 18, 2017

The GetFitRadio Show with Innerfight Gym March 13, 2017

Who isn't thinking about fitness these days?

Well, if you have fitness questions, need fitness advice, have a fitness dilemma then this is the show to be listening to.

Marcus Smith joins us from, the InnerfightGym, and as usual he is on fire.

This is Mr. Smith thinking!

The Show links and notes.

-the crossfit open qualifier what is the update-the need to break the bad eating habit-how to resist the temptation Marcus style-transformation challenge is going good! All 4 were there yesterday, broke my trainers pushing a sled!

-Q Marcus, I have limited time for exercise what would be the best options for 40 minutes 3X a week if I can’t get out to a gym?
-Q Any advice for the rowing machine to buy and why?
Q. Marcus do you think men and women need different training workouts?
Q. Marcus can you share some of the worst advice you have heard fitness professionals give?
Q. Marcus I got told I was breaking the rules in a gym but they were not written, at least what I did was not a written violation, are there unwritten rules?
Q. how do we know we are getting the most out of pushups?

-marcus this is a good link for the above!
-Success stories are so important share and read them!
-Myth busters!
-3 great movements for the over 40s
-This links to the above!

-some motivational tricks

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