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The GetFitRadio Show March 6, 2017

It is that time of the year where everyone who is into HIIT is talking the CrossFit Open.

Go and take a look. https://games.crossfit.com/

Marcus Smith joins the show from www.innerfight.com to talk about fitness, answer your questions and we even spoke about the Games and the Men's Health Transformation Challenge!

We had no shortage of things to speak about on the show.

-Crossfit Open, where are we at? Let’s talk the 1st workout!

-talk us through the triathalon training that some of the guys in the gym have been doing

-Men’s Health Transformation Challenge, week 6, everyone is looking good workouts are getting harder and more weight is added.

-What do you make of these alternative running and cardio workout stuff? Let’s have a chat about alternatives.

- Q. Marcus, does wearing a form fitting shirt help in any way with a workout aside from stopping my skin from jiggiling?

-Q. For a HIIT workout is there a better shoe to be wearing?

-Q. Marcus how important is working to upper heart-rates when I am training?

-Q. Marcus the Wolverine workout to look like Hugh Jackman think it works? And what does this all mean?
Let’s look at the whole thing, watch the video, then talk more in depth:
1) 5 minutes of warm-up
2) 12 minutes of AMRAP (explained below):
  • 10 reps – Barbell Deadlift / Dumbbell RDL / Banded Good Morning / Regular Good Morning
  • 10 reps – Medicine Ball Slam / Quick Downwards Bodyweight Squat
  • 10 reps (5 rows per side) – Push-up to Renegade Row (push-up, row left, push-up, row right, repeat)
  • 5 reps per side, alternate – Transverse Lunge and Chop
3) Optional Finisher: 2-3 sets of 10/arm – Zottman Curls
4) Cool Down!

Q. Marcus, how do we keep ourselves motivated?

Q. Marcus what do you make of these exercises for cardiovascular endurance?

-Lets talk the benefits of L-Sits, Wide Stance Dive Bomber, typewriter pushups, single leg squats

Q Marcus what are supersets?

Q. interesting article, what do you think about the shake?
“Drink raw eggs and get ripped fast!”
Ever saw a Rocky movie where he cracked some eggs in a glass and drank it all in one gulp? That’s similar to the Hormone Precursor Shake. Aside from raw eggs (12 pieces), you also add 12 ounces of half-and-half and 1/3 cup of milk-and-egg protein powder. If you are not on a carb-restrictive diet, you can also add 1 medium-sized banana for a taste boost.
Eggs are an excellent precursor to anabolic hormones such as testosterone. They are rich in nutrients that support building lean muscle, such as readily absorbed proteins, along with plenty of healthy cholesterol. They are also an excellent natural source of CLA, another muscle-building nutrient that can increase your testosterone levels.

Why fats?

Eggs are rich in fats, especially in CLA and cholesterol, which are important if you want to build and support your muscle gains. They fuel the body’s building processes and are essential for building new muscle cells, since they are part of the cellular membranes.
Like mentioned before, fats are also important in hormone production, specifically for the production of steroid hormones such as testosterone.
And of course, we know what steroid hormones do, boost your ability to build muscle. It would also be helpful to that cause to add even more foods that boost testosterone production.
1st day of the month start a workout calendar!

Here is a look at the Men's Health Transformation Challenge.

Always trying to catch some breath.

David Craig is a machine!

Stu Tolan and me catching my breath.

Trying to figure what gives the best pain.


Jay the master of the muscle!

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