Saturday, March 18, 2017

The DocTalk Show with Dr. Jenna Burton March 15, 2017

Who doesn't have a medical question they are looking for information about before they get into the doctor's office.

Dr. Jenna Burton brought a friend to the show with her, Dr. Gordon Bland from MediClinic Dubai Mall.

Dr. Jenna Burton and Dr. Gordon Bland.

Here are the show notes.

-lets talk virus vs bacterial colds
-too late for a flu shot? - quite topical at the moment with new drugs on the market for memory loss. Big media attention.
Low carb versus low fat diets

Gout - Used to have gout parties in university. Would eat loads of red meat and drink red wine and see if anyone would get gout. A disease for the indulgent middle-aged male!
Usually wake up in the night with a painful big toe.

Lyme DIsease - Not an STI as people think.
Removing a tick:
Occurs in northern hemisphere. post treatment lyme disease syndrome

Causes of low oestrogen -

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