Friday, March 10, 2017

The DocTalk Show with Dr. Jenna Burton March 8, 2017

This week Dr. Jenna joins the show with friends as we dive into the world of mental health.
Dr Yaseen Aslam (psychiatrist) James, Dr. Jenna Burton, Cheryl Warsama (clinical psychologist)

The show started with a conversation on postpartum depression and then moved on to look at the issues attached to redundancy and how this can have a far reaching impact on all members of a family.

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The Show notes.

Topics to hit on:
-post partum depression
-work job loss (and being in a job that affects our confidence)Bad jobs can hurt our souls. Humans thrive on contributing to things larger than ourselves, being productive, positive interactions with others and recognition for our efforts. A job is much more than a means to pay the bills.When a rotten manager tells you your work isn’t good enough – or you’re not good enough, it wounds your spirit. When coworkers blame and shame you, it rips little holes in your psyche. Even if you know that you add value to your company and that you do good work, even if you think your managers and their minions are idiots — constant negative feedback is damaging.Many people who I’ve spoken with about quitting their jobs told me they lost confidence in themselves because of bad work experiences. These are people who have grown their careers, earned advanced degrees, or led initiatives that made millions of dollars for their companies. Some of them have tough reputations, and aren’t especially sensitive to criticism. Yet the negativity they endured made them unsure of themselves.-new schools-mean kids  (Long term effects of bullying.)-expats-absent parenting-the stigma of needing to get help for mental illnessMental Illness + general health Relocation Depression and mood disordersAnger (usually in men).
Notes: (male menopause cause of midlife crisis?) Can also get anxiety after alcohol. A lot of people report heart racing first thing in the morning - often secondary to a sugar rush. Feel panicked - ‘beer fear.’ Medications that cause depression - also female replacement hormones. Pets as a treatment for depression


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