Saturday, March 25, 2017

The CarTalk Show with March 20, 2017

Who doesn't have an opinion or question about the car they would love to own?

And who can give you a good honest assessment of one vehicle versus another?  are the people to talk to cars with and they are long-time participants on Nightline.

And this week we had a great chat about the Cadillac CTS vs ATS.

Truth be told the ATS was ok, James came off the CTS and found the ride good but nothing to write home about.

But the car does handle very well and wraps around the driver.

This is really a 2 seater, the coupe that was driven.

Fast? Yes.

Nice to look at? Yes.

Lots of tech? Enough but it seems to be in the in-between stage needing another update.

Would James buy one? No.

Would the guys buy one? Yes.

The verdict? This may be a car that appeals to the women in the audience, it is nice, will serve you well but isn't calling to us.

The show notes and links!

Lets talk CTS-liked it and ATS didn’t like it it was a chics car and chics said they liked it I didn’t

-Puegot 301
-Suzuki Swift Sport or jimny or sx4
2017 Porsche Panamera 4S Review - will it change our minds?
This is cool ad for volvo xc90 love the tables!
Earning over 200000 in usa you are buying one of these!
`Lexus voted most reliable but are they boring, YES!
Love the look of the Maxima and the Camry taxis are sweet!
New Era of nissan design?

Buick regal Wagon testing!

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