Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The CarTalk Show May 6, 2017

If you have a question about which car to buy and which to run from this is the show you want to be listening to.

The journos from www.mototingme.com join us every week to inform and entertain.

As we like to say, expect the unexpected when it comes to this show.

I have been driving the GMC Acadia and I have to say this is a crossover I would buy.

What makes this such a good ride?

1. thoughtful design.
2. balance of technology and function
3. surprisingly good pickup, 310 horsepower
4. adjustable front and back seats
5. seats 7
6. instrument panel is elegant and functional
7. great leg room.

This is a great ride!

Look at the engine space!

USB and power socket, 5 USBs!

Headrest adjustment.

Even in the rain this is a nice looking ride.

The control arms link the tech and function easily.

Easy to get at the window and brake controls.

Upper and lower heated seats in the front.

Push start is even elegant.

Behind the steering controls.

On the wheel controls, nice!

Nice leather package!

Look at the marriage of form and function with the radio and the climate control, wow!

Love the array of instruments.

Lots of room.

Plenty of traction options and race mode!

This is a well thought out vehicle.

Room is the name of the game.

This is the badge you want.

Nice looking also.

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