Saturday, March 25, 2017

The CarClinic with March 21, 2017

Everyone has an issue with their car and everyone needs to get that issue sorted.

Who can you turn to for some straight talk about your car repair issues, the CarClinic.

Glenn Power joins us to talk about all aspects of keeping your car running in tip-top form.

P.O BOX 666 Dubai, U.A.E
T: +971 4 3412344 | F: +971 4 3412734
Tel: +971 56 926 9393
E-mail :

We had a good helping of phone calls and SMS questions this week.

Here is a look at a few of the other questions posed to Glenn.

Q. Front tires wearing on the inside what is that telling me

Q. I think I have a break issues, they were screeching before the rain but not after any idea why?

Q. Are garage jobs charged by the job or the hour?

Q. Does a garage get a better price on parts from the agency?

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