Thursday, March 09, 2017

TechTalk MWC17 Wrap-up March 7, 2017

The Mobile World Congress 2017, wow.

Nightline was there and it was an event that was jaw dropping.  Phones, applications, services and of course a healthy dose of mobile enabled gadgets made this event very special.

Over 100,000 people converged on Barcelona for a 4-day extravaganza of all things mobile.

The Hall 1 entrance.

The city is all about MWC.

Click here for our MWC wrap podcast.

For this show we broke it down to our favorite phone of the show and it won the best phone of the show award!

We talked about enhanced services, security and a cool 360 camera.

The best phone I have seen in a long time was the SONY Experia XZ Premium.

Here is a conversation I had with a Turkish journalist about his initial thoughts on the device.

Here is the link to the official SONY page talking about the Experia AZ Premium.

My look at the display phone.

The 4K HD Display is super cool!

A dominant theme at the MWC17 was creating an environment that allowed for an enhanced user experience.

What is often forgotten is that a good user experience is as much a part of the physical technology as it is the process that goes into facilitating function through the technology, a classic message and medium dichotomy.

Brian Kracik is a senior product manager with Oracle and he spoke about how his organization is working as a facilitator of a better user experience.

The big question on the minds of consumers, retailers and service providers is ALWAYS what about security.  It would seem there are a lot of questions and misunderstandings about the security of our cloud and non-cloud enhanced communication environments.

The simple reality is the weak link is the user.  You can have the best security in the world and if we the consumer allows the breach the security tool is irrelevant.  

So what was easily the coolest device I saw?

Immersive experience is where our content creation and consumption is heading.  Of course we don't always need immersive content BUT it is becoming more of the norm.

There will be more to come so watch this space.

This was a journalist filing a story from a mobile phone, the future is mobile!

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