Thursday, February 02, 2017

The CarClinic January 31, 2017

I have to tell you, once again, this program has topped the charts for being one if not the most helpful car repair show on the airwaves.  And this is by my own estimation of course.

Photo by James Piecowye

Maybe you want to know if you can put these beauties from the gym on your Civic? Or maybe you have issues with your door locks. Well, Glenn Power from can give you some advice.

Here are some SMS messages to help you follow the conversation.

Hello, is it a good idea to buy an 2004 Audi TT and equip it with a turbo charger? What are the possible complications? - Ibrahim

It is a 3.5 V5 manual transmission only 80k km. I think it's not worth it then to make such extensive modifications as the car was cheap anyways, thanksa lot guys for the info- Ibrahim

Hey guys luv ur show and amazing insights . Wanted to knw abt focus ST 2016 gear shifts is there a way to have shorter shiifts which is cost effective thanks .Abrar

Hi guys, are there any off road Tyres ( those with thick tread) which don't make noise? I have BF Goodrich and it feels like the windows don't make a difference

Just read that going very slow for a long time can damage the gear system of the car. Is this true? Of so what is the time it requires to cause a damage and what could be the speed?

Hey guys good evening, this is roshan, I have a 2012 manual v8 mustang, the problem I have is 
A) electronic: my traction control switches on and off when I hit a bumpy patch on the road.
B) mechanical: when I hit anything over 125 kmph my steering seems to loosen up and there is a some amount of "play" on it. 
What's ur advice

Around 3 weeks ago I called you guys for advice on a vibration felt driving slowly at around 35-40km you advised to visit dealer and get technician to sit in car, 2witness as I'd taken it b4 and they didn't fix it.
I did that and they used a flush twice. Not sure what but ITS FIXED!!! No more vibration Thank you guys very much

Hey guys Abrar here again thanks for the info and yes its a manual transmission

My favorite show, i drive 2015 kia optima - done 113K so far,last time il went to the service at 20k KM,the car is just fine and even checked the break pads theyre ok Ñ what kind of checks i need to care about? Spark plugs and battery changed 

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