Saturday, February 11, 2017

DocTalk February 8, 2017

And here we go with DocTalk 2.0.

It has been a while since this show was on Nightline but it is back with Dr. Jenna Burton answering your questions.

Who is Dr. Jenna?

Dr Jenna Burton completed a medical degree from the University of Manchester and has 11 years of healthcare experience. During her medical career, she became passionate about public health and promoting healthcare to the general population. Having worked as a medical doctor, writer and presenter for various hospitals, magazines, websites and television companies within the UK, Australia and the UAE, Dr Jenna is working towards her Health Policy MSc whilst continuing to develop further in to healthcare leadership and consulting.

This is the show where we talk about what is on your mind about the medical world!

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Here is a look at what we talked about.

Smoking was the trigger for the evening conversation.

-colds that are producing nice green Phlegm, thoughts on what to do to get relief? How long before a person should head to the doctorGreen Phlegm usually signifies bacterial infection as they contain neutrophils (a type of white blood cell.) Leucocytes attack viruses and usually yellow in colour.Once goes green - if also have fever, would head to the doc for a check up.

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