Thursday, February 02, 2017

And this is CarTalk January 30, 2017

The guys at Motoring Middle East are totally obsessed with cars right here in the UAE.
New, old it doesn't matter these guys are automotive honeybadgers.

You get the idea from their YouTube videos, these guys can talk cars.

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The SMS to follow the conversation with.

Assad here - after having heard you many times - i took your advice and changed my e300 mercedes (the uncle car) to a C 450 AMG - thank you guys - loving it - you are amazing

] Guys love your show. I am looking to sell my FJ 2010, done 185k and service history with agency. How much should I ask? Also what to buy? I am looking to buy used jeep unlimited for up to 50k

I am thinking of importing a Tesla p100dl what can you advice me about that

Hi guys, Honda Odyssey or Toyota Previa ?

Well it's been 5 years, I love every bit of it, been amazing off-road but want something different now (and it has done 185kms). I can stretch my budget to go for a 2012 Jeep. How about xterra?

What do you think about Audi A1's? Danielle

Hi guys I am thinking of buying Ford Edge 2008. Cannot find any good reviews online. Would appreciate your professional advice. Zahid

Guys face it; teslas tech stands much further than others, BMW and others started to cooperate with them as they sit on so much R&D

Guys any thoughts on Lincoln MKX?2015-2016 thanks Sam

Thanks guys, 2012 Jeep it is then 👍😊

Hi guys, how abt Subaru?

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