Friday, January 13, 2017

This tech is for you!

Who doesn't have a love of tech? You are reading this very post on some form of tech and probably wondering how you can get more bang for your dirham out of this or that tech.

Well do not worry because TechTalk is the UAE's longest running tech show and we have all your bases covered in an informative and entertaining package.

Fo is in the studio and we had set out to talk CES and a whole bunch of cool things that we all need to know about and did we get to any of it? No.

We we sort of did.

The notes!

CES Gadgets

And more!

And wearables!

Coffee and tea robots

1 Razer 3 screened laptop
-stolen at CES

2. Cool 3D face camera!

3. Facebook ads in middle of video?
You may soon have to get used to seeing promos when you're watching certain videos on Facebook. Recode tipsters claim that the social network will start testing an ad format that runs in the middle of publishers' videos, starting as soon as 20 seconds after the clip begins. This wouldn't affect the homemade footage of your cousin's wedding, to be clear -- it'd be intended for pros who expect to make money. Facebook would mirror the revenue split that you see with YouTube, where creators get a 55 percent cut from ad sales.
The company isn't commenting on the apparent leak, but it had talkedabout expanding mid-roll clips beyond live footage in early 2017.

4. Traffic from Uber, cool!

Uber is opening up in an area where it might make sense competitively for it to stay more closed off: The ride-hailing company’s new Movement website will offer up access to its data around traffic flow in scores where it operates, intended for use by city planners and researchers looking into ways to improve urban mobility.
The basic idea is that Uber has a lot of insight into how traffic works within a city, and it can anonymize this data so that it isn’t tied to specific individuals in most cases. So where that’s possible, Uber is going to begin sharing said data, first to specific organizations who apply for early access, and then eventually to the general public.
Uber says it was looking at all the data it gathered and began to realize that it could be used for public benefit, and assembled a product team to make this happen. The result of this effort was Movement, which aims to address problems city officials and urban planners encounter when they’re forced to make key, transformational infrastructure decisions without access to all of, or the proper information about actual conditions and causes.

5. Amazon and AI security
Amazon Web Services appears to be ramping up its security chops. TechCrunch has learned that the e-commerce giant’s cloud services group quietly acquired cyber security firm
The San Diego-based startup, co-founded by a team that includes two former NSA employees, uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze user behavior around a company’s key IP to try to identify and stop targeted attacks before valuable customer data can be swiped.
We were alerted to the acquisition by a tipster, who said the purchase price for was $19 million — a good return, considering that the startup only raised $2.3 million. The tipster also said the team’s 12 employees are relocating to Amazon’s Seattle headquarters.

6. App for finding new iPhone headphones is puled but why?

7. VR ready PC, this is a good thing at a great price

8. Apple still on augmented reality?

9. Apps and infor storage and Linkedin in Russia!

11. The smart hair brush

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