Friday, January 13, 2017

This is fix my ride!

There are all sorts of people helping you find new cars, we even do a great job of that on Nightline.

Who is helping you keep your old car running?

Well we are on Nightline with the CarClinic and Glenn Power from Carpro.

Here are the show questions this week.

Let us pick up on these!
-can I ask for specific fluids (the brand ie total oil to be used in my car?) when it is being serviced?
-is it politically incorrect to ask to see the certification of the person servicing my car?
-if I am not happy with the service do I have any recourse?
-how do you know if parts are real or fake as a garage?
-is it easy to replace door rubbers?

When my car starts it is making a clanking sound then it is ok after 10 seconds, any ideas?
How do I know when my tires are done?
A little chip in the wind screen is it ok to leave it or must it be changed?
Electric door locks stopped working is this a fuse issue?

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