Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Best CarTalk on the Planet!

Here we go with one gun down!

Half of the dynamic duo also known as Motoring Middle East was in the house talking cars.

Who are these guys?

These guys are mad about cars and I mean mad in a good way.

Well every week when they come into the studio it is a no-holds barred event of epic proportion.

This week we had a bit of a talk about the Chev Spark.

Look the car is a small sub-compact that has a loving audience, the guy who dropped it off.

And the Spark LS model I drove had a nice 1.5L engine, sweet.

But honestly, it was a car that was a bit cramped.  All of the pieces worked and the car looked good and ran well but I could never get comfortable, my knee kept hitting the console.

Love the fuel economy and this is a car many will love but it just did not do it for me!

Click here for the podcast.

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