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Techtalk with Andrew January 24, 2017

Every week Andrew Thomas joins Nightline to talk about what is hot and what is not in the world of technology.

Andrew is the Digital Jedi!

The show notes.

New meditation app
Snap rolls out new update
Insta app

Trucks and tweeting
Odd site of the day!Watch random things get done to a CGI human head!I can’t even begin to explain what the hell is going on in this clip made by Steve Smith and Jerry Paper for Adult Swim because holy mother it gets freaking weird. All I can tell you is that there’s a digital human head (or at least, like, the skin, eyeballs, and teeth of a human head) being put through tests that just get more wild as it goes on.

Samsung is blaming the batteries for the Note7 failure, not the Hardware or Software.
Galaxy S8 will not be launched at World Mobile Congress next month to avoid a repeat of Note7! April Launch likely

Lots of iPhone 8 rumours as with all Apple products and the latest rumour is wireless charging will not be part of the package! I had wireless on one phone and it was ok I am still plugging in now and that is ok, I guess if there is more availability then the issue arises.

Android instant apps going on a limited test, this is a open url tap and go no immediate big download needed! Not sure if I like this although it makes it quick to see if you like the app or not
Google voice is back! It never left! But it is getting an upgrade!

Amazon Echo update you can now activate it Star Trek style just say computer no longer have to say Alexa!
The future of VR is in film and Oculus was teased at the Sundance Festival! Angelica is pure art that gracefully leverages the transporting, first-person perspective of a headset to immerse you in a heartfelt story that couldn’t be told on a movie screen. It never hits you over the head with novelty and gimmicks.That’s why Oculus’ new short film is an absolute must-see, worthy of dropping by a VR enthusiast friend’s place for a viewing. After premiering as part of Sundance Film Festival’s outstanding New Frontier exhibit, Dear Angelica is now freely available to watch on the Oculus Rift.The story sees a girl reminiscing about her mother, an actress, who taught her to be brave in a world that seems unfair. The emotions of grief and nostalgia envelop you as the mother’s movies spring to life around you. And the beauty of its distinctly fluid art style is undeniable, as the daughter’s words and memories are painted brushstroke-by-brushstroke with you at the center.Dear Angelica feels right for VR because that’s where it was created. Oculus built a virtual illustration tool called Quill so artist Wesley Allsbrook could draw the scenes from the same perspective as the audience.
Snap has had a redesign! the new search bar, Snapchat aims to make it easier for its users to find friends, groups, Discover publishers and Our Stories. By tapping into the Search box, a new overlay appears, letting you quickly access friends’ messages or stories through its “Quick Chat” suggestions, connect with your group chats, flip through a list of new friends, add others, or find friends in your contacts.You can also tap and hold someone’s card to see their mini profile, as well as tap your Bitmoji to the left of the search bar to jump to your own full profile. Here, you’ll notice your profile includes your “Best Friends” (frequent contacts), too.In addition to locating friends’ accounts and stories, you can search for Discover channels or Our Stories by title.And it’s easier to submit your snaps to Our Story, Snapchat’s curated montages that focus on events, themes, holidays and more. Instead, you can just check the box next to “Our Story,” which gives Snapchat the right to use your posts in whichever Our Story it wants. (Before, users had to pick which Our Story they were authorizing.)Whether these new features actually make Snapchat easier for newcomers is debatable. The search bar is fairly obvious, and opens the door for search ads in the future, but other features assume a level of familiarity with the app. Snapchat hasn’t really changed its core navigation of using swipes and gestures, but has rather created a way to access shortcuts that take users to its various features and sections.The update comes at a time when Instagram has fairly successfully copied one of Snapchat’s most powerful features, as its own Instagram Stories have hit 150 million daily users, the same as Snapchat. The hope is that this update will keep Snapchat’s users engaged with the feature it helped pioneer.So far, Twitter users noticing the update are reporting mixed feelings. Some apparently like the update, while others call it “weird” or “ugly.” Others still, say they’re unsure or confused. This is likely good news for Snapchat, as any new feature will see some griping, but there isn’t yet any major backlash about the changes.Snapchat’s new version is available in the current iOS update, out now on the App Store.
Even Snap is concerned about fake news!On Monday morning, Snapchat made a few edits to its guidelines for publishers with regard to Discover, the social media platform’s news service. Basically, it’s an attempt to declutter an often crowded landscape, and ensure that what folks are seeing on the “news” platform is actually newsworthy.As the New York Times notes, Snapchat’s new regulations are more straightforward in their restrictions of “questionable pictures” that lack news or editorial value. These rules ought to reduce clickbait on Snapchat, and are also an attempt at combating the growing epidemic of fake news. To that end, Snapchat has further updated guidelines forbidding publishers “from including reports or links to outside websites that could be considered fake news, saying that all content must be fact-checked and accurate.”

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All Chromebooks coming in 2017 will be compatible with Android apps! news comes from a single line of text on Google’s list of Chromebooks compatible with Android apps. “All Chromebooks launching in 2017 and after as well as the Chromebooks listed below will work with Android apps in the coming future,” it says.Last year Google finally made Chromebooks compatible with Android apps, but so far support had been limited to just select models, requiring shoppers to consult a list to determine which Chromebook supports the Google Play Store. This move takes the ambiguity out of shopping: Buy a new Chromebook and know Android apps are available to be installed.The addition of Android apps dramatically widens the appeal of Chromebooks. With access to the Play Store, Chromebooks gain an ecosystem as deep as Windows or macOS.
Surface Pro 4 is gaining traction!Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 leaves your old MacBook in the dust. This week we were blown away when we swapped our dated Apple computer for Microsoft's Surface tablet. It's smart, light and really can replace your laptop.
A wearable to sleep better!In fact there are half a billion poor sleepers around the world. That's why we were excited to find out how wearing a simple sleek ring could help you catch more shut eye.
With Thim a good night's sleep could be just a wearable away.
How does Thim work?With this in mind, the sleek Thim ring gently wakes you three minutes after you fall asleep. Once you fall asleep again, the process is repeated, with the cycle going on for 60 minutes.The idea is that, after five nights of this practice, your brain will be trained to fall asleep sooner, providing relief for half a billion poor sleepers around the world.The company not only promises to improve your sleep, but to help you take the perfect power nap, and measure all your sleep data.

Linkedin reorganizes how it looks! terms of features, the new site consists of all the stuff that's already part of LinkedIn, including business people and their profiles; content such as posts and links to articles; job listings; and a messaging service. It's just that the site aims to present it all in a more engaging way that will increase the likelihood that you'll want to visit more often and hang out longer when you do. "We're bringing communications and content to the forefront," says Amy Parnell, senior director of user experience and design. "It's a much more focused experience."CONSISTENCY, FINALLYUp until now, LinkedIn has felt less like one site than a loosely integrated collection of them, with a look and feel that wavered considerably from section to section. The new version is much more streamlined and coherent, organizing all sorts of content—from news items to job listings—into streams that look like they belong on the same site.Under the surface, the company says that the new version is using a reengineered engine built with snappy performance in mind—so it feels less like a series of web pages loading and more like an app. The app-like aspirations are also apparent in the new pop-up messaging window, which resembles Facebook Messenger more than the previous version's email-like interface.The Facebook Startup incubator in Paris! brainchild of French billionaire Xavier Niel (owner of telco Free ISP), Station F is currently offering up space in its massive 366,000-square-foot location. Once complete, the startup campus will include more than 3,000 desks, 10 international startup programs, a restaurant, four kitchens, a cafĂ©, bar, and eight event spaces. It also plans to add a co-living space for its budding entrepreneurs by 2018, which will encompass 100 shared apartments within three towers — not to mention its very own sports center.In his Medium post, Niel revealed that Facebook has already chosen several startups for its program. Among the inductees are location mapping app Mapstr, Chekk (an online identity management tool), science-based health app The Fabulous, and carpooling tool Karos.“While Facebook already is a huge supporter of entrepreneurship around the world (with initiatives like F8 of FBStart), this is the *first time* [it] is investing into a physical space,” Niel wrote in his blog post.Startups from around the world can currently apply to join the programs at Station F. Its other launch partners include French business school HEC, open-access workshop company TechShop, and VC firms Daphni, Ventech and Kima Ventures. Facebook has set up its very own Startup Garage page on its social network, where you can find out more about how to apply to its incubator.

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