Friday, January 13, 2017

Let us talk cars!

The guys from Motoring Middle East rocked up in the studio and we got into that great conversation about cars.

These guys know more about cars than anyone else I know and they have been with Nightline for over 4 years!

Here is a look at how serious these guys take their job, reporting on cars.

Here is the podcast link.

Here are the show notes.

  1. What are you driving?
  2. Me, Ford Edge Titanium and Sport! The Edge has a new look and I think it makes those who own the old look want the new look.
-all sorts of bells and whistles, drive assist, bluetooth, losts of charging, foot to cloths back, cameras, self-park, hug sunroof.
-like sport better than the titanium for the ride the sport is firmer and a lot more power with the econboost engine.
-sunroof motor labours.
-sport is  fuel hungry
-Sport has nice leather and suede seats.

AED 165000 - 180000 (3.5 Titatinium AWD)
AED 190000 - 210000 (2.7T Sport AWD)
The titanium has a bit of an identity issue is sporty or lux? Pick and go with a drive.
In both models nice to turn off stuff
Great Sony stereo
Nice road presence

The Taho?
BAIC A115-under 20,000 new and it has a 1.5l Mitsubishi engine, sat in it NICE!

Micro, small, medium, lux, SUV, Sport

The Lincoln Continental… Can’t wait to see that machine!

Thoughts on Alfa?

I want a 1st series!

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