Friday, January 13, 2017

How do you justify speeding?

Every week we ask a simple question on the show and this week it was why we speed?

Why do we have to go 20MKh over the limit when the limit is set?

Just because we can go over the limit is not a reason to go over the limit.

So, why do we speed?

Here is what some of SMS traffic looked like!

The extra speed limit is for types of cars which have wider tires . In those cars, when driver goes at specific speed , the actual speed will be slightly higher then shown in speedometer
Hi james. Its just a clash of cultures.?.  All the best. Ian (skoda guy)

We speed becoz we have perfect roads and perfect cars. What do u expect? Kashif

I was tailgated recently- let the pick up pass but hooted at them. They then spent the next 5 minutes swerving into me, jam on the breaks in front of mecausing me to have swerve. Then tried to run me off the road - idiot! PJ now driving

There is a particular exit in AUH where the limit is 40 n everybody slows to 40. Why? Coz it flashes at 41. So in short, WE DO IT COZ WE CAN! Tx. Mateen

Hi Sohaib here
I don't think you can call it stretching or breaking the law of it is allowed by the law itself.
If they were to remove the additional 20/10 cushion I'm sure everyone would drive at the stated limit
Hi james. Also if drivers respect the speed limits a massive saving in fuel consumption.. Ian (skoda guy)

People speed because they are arrogant. They think they are more important, better drivers, cooler, or whatever.They feel entitled and have no respect for others. The worst are the parents who after they have dropped off their own little darlings think it is OK to act like a F1 driver through the car park and beyond 😡

Is it speeding that is a real problem or going slow on a highway. Two different studies of late James.

There are enough arrogant people whi drive too slowly. They need to be put in their place
The lee way is there for a reason , the leeway is basically your speed limit so the speed limit is basically 140 , but not all cars can go at that speed safely ,
Speeding is not the problem ( i mean on highways only ) the problem is wreckless driving , tailgating  , changing lanes with out paying attention

These are the problems , in Germany there are highways with no limit , but yet they have lless accidents on their autobahn than our limited highways
The attitude of people here is to get ahead of everyone else, this is not just in driving. People are two faced, they will let you go ahead of them in the mall, where you can see the persons face.. BUT the same person will be quite happy to push you off the road if you are in front of them.. it is the arrogant bully boy attitude of people here in this region... Little respect for live when you can hide in your car with blacked out window's and no-one cansee your face..

80 means 100 is confusing. 80 should mean 80. With this we will see discipline on the road. One request though! Speed limit signs should be more pronounced. Thanks

Hi James! It's sad indeed why people overspeed. Such bad attitude is dangerous. I'm a Dubai resident and I have noticed most of the time SUV drivers with Abu Dhabi number plates tail gate and drive too fast. It will be interesting to get a study to confirm my observations
For all those in favour of the cushion make the limit 100 and add a cushion of 20 for focus and psychological comfort :):) kay

Two sides of a coin. Its the 'me before you culture'. Whether its overspeeding or not going fast enough. There are arrogant people doing both. Look at how many people give place to emergency vehicles to pass. The entire driving culture needs to be overhauled. Why do people switch on hazard lights in fog?It should be only when the car is stalled. Educate educate educate. Kashif
Hi , This is Gnanesh. In UAE I see impatience is main reason for speeding.  The more impatient people, more speeding the do. And the reasons for impatience, so many , such cultural tolerances, professional pressures, personal ...etc

Let take the responsibility from the driver. By limiting how fast a car can go. No matter what type of car it is.


There's a sense of entitlement here with motorists. They don't seem to understand that driving is a privilege not a right. It's time harsher punishmentshappened such as confiscation of cars and crushing vehicles of persistent offenders. One or two crushed Ferraris or SUVs in the news might make these people think twice. PJ again - pulled over to send this

Driving licences from Australia, USA, Canada and most Western Europe are just exchanged without any education about local laws. Whereas other DL are just trained rigidly on parking and basic questions no education about civilized driving

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