Sunday, January 22, 2017

Glenn the mechanic who takes phone consults this is great.

We have all been in the situation where the car is not running right, you are in between mechanics and simply don't know if you need immediate help or can wait a bit.

So, take the need to get your car fixed, the radio and a mechanic put it all together and that is the CarClinic.

Glenn Power joins us from CarPro to help keep your car , truck, bus, van motorized vehicle running.

Here is what we spoke about on the show.


I have audi A6 2013 i have added water 2 days ago but again temperature indicator is blinking what can be the issue apart from leak?


-how do we test if a starter is going?
-cable for the gear shift broke is there a check so this doesn’t happen in a bad time?

  1. Seeing black smoke from the exhaust when I gear down on Shz road is this normal?
  2. Can foiling damage my paint?
  3. Are there any regulations to lifting a car I want to jack up my corolla?
  4. Worst repair mishap you have had to fix from another garage that has come to you for help?
  5. Is it possible to have tires on backwards and how do I know is the ride different?
  6. Lights are there any regulations or can I go as bright as I like?
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