Tuesday, January 03, 2017

GetFitRadio January 2, 2017

OK, this is simple, did you make a resolution to be more fit, more healthy and shed a few pound?

Of course you did, even if only in your mind, but you know you did.

And how many of us, me included, are going to fail at the old resolution game, most.

So on GetFitRadio I sat down with Marcus Smith and we had a 45 minute conversation about what you need to do to succeed at absolutely any goal you might have.

As you will hear over and over in this podcast I am amazed at how bad we are with planning and goals in our personal lives but how good we are at planning and goals when it comes to business.

So, this is a must listen to podcast.

This is simply great advice and we want to hear from you.

Let us know how you make out with your goals and does out plan work.

email the show at nightline@dubaieye1038.ae or winning@innerfight.com

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