Tuesday, January 03, 2017

CarClinic January 3, 2017

Glenn Power joins the show every week from CarPro.ae T: +971 4 3412344  with the simple goal of helping you understand what is going on with your car to keep it running longer.

And this week, as usual, we had some great questions.

Hay guys how r u....  I just buy my first car Nissan Tidda 2006 its 295,000 km driven and its fuel consumption is too much i compared it with my friend 1.8 toyota car and i come to the conclusion that my car consume about 40% extra fuel. What could be the possible problem
(Qasim from Dubai)

Would you recommend switching off the ac every time before switching off the engine?

How to keep car battery in good shape? I travel alot and my car stays in parking for 3 weeks sometimes and I can't start the car when I return back.

 Hey guys I recently bought an Audi A3 2009 model. I am so confused with 20 points check, 60 point check so on. How many check points I should choose to get the car fully checked and serviced bumper to bumper.

I bought a small Peugout 206 2006 110k km, the battery went off and I followed a stupid advice of letting it run on idle for like three hours, the battery offcourse remained dead so I bought a new one, now the car is very irregular and the rpm goes crazy, could some sensors be damaged or something ? How to fix it

No question is to basic and we will answer the same question over and over so do not fear that the question has already been asked, ask away!

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