Sunday, January 22, 2017

Can anyone be more fit than Phil?

So, every week we sit down with the folks over at InnerFight Gym and talk about all aspects of fitness and how it impacts on you.

And we even take questions.

This week Phil is in the hot seat talking about his diet and exercise regime and what we all need to be thinking about.

So what are these guys at Innerfight all about?

So what did we talk about on Nightline?

Here are the show notes.

Phil is standing in!

  1. Injury knowing when to take a break, thoughts on too many people not listening to their body
  2. How is your prep going for the crossfit regionals?
  3. Question How important is weight lifting in a balanced workout?
  4. Question How important is stretching after a workout?
  5. Question Thoughts on energy drinks are they any good for us?
  6. Question My trainer says I need to be thinking about progressive strength training workouts what should I know about this idea?
  7. Question Thoughts on this? If you are interested in bodyweight training, you have probably read Combining Bodyweight Exercise And Weight Training For Maximum Benefit
  8. Question squats what do I need to know to get maximum benefit? proficiency in the squat takes time to develop. One cannot simply slap on some weight, walk up to the bar, and begin making substantial progress. The squat requires a slew of technical considerations, form corrections, and specific, nuanced individual adjustments to perform correctly.
  9. This is interesting… why weight lifting may be a very good thing!
  10. Working with kids and fitness the challenges.
  11. Thoughts on this? “Research shows that when resistance exercise is performed earlier in the day, more of the pre-sleep protein ends up in muscle and is used to form new muscle proteins,” he says. The synergy between resistance exercise and protein lasts for at least 24 hours after exercise.
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