Saturday, December 31, 2016

GetFitRadio December 19, 2016

Phil joins the program from Innerfight Gym,, and we are talking fitness.

What is great about this program is we actually go to the gym and talk fitness.

Coming up to the holidays there are a lot of questions to be answered and many people getting ready for the January push.

We had a wonderful collection of questions this week and we are including a few of the links to content we were reading.

DubaiFitness championships

-lessons learned?
-what do you bring back to your coaching from the competition?

8 weeks of crossfit open workouts! It is that time!

  1. Gifts for fitness person?
  2. How to keep on track?
  3. Q. this is going to sound silly but do I need to do any additional prep for a winter workout in the UK? Thinking to avoid injury
  4. Q I want to get into weight lifting any suggestions on where to start ? What is the starting point and who do I go to it seems pretty specialized?
  5. Recommend any fitness holiday reading?
  6. Q. does muscle memory work against me as I try to change my movement?
  7. Q. how do I tell my coach I don’t like their music selection during a workout?
  8. Q. how do I train the abs, yes I am thinking of summer and the shirtless car washing!

Just good reminders to combat stress!

6 New Year’s intentions that stick!

6 Reasons you are not hitting your goals

  1. Q? Best bodyweight exercises I can do at home?
  2. Q? What are your tips for training for the Dubai Standard Chartered Marathon?
  3. Q? Are nuts healthy?
  4. Q? Should I talk about the meds I am on with my fitness coach?
  5. Q? Can’t seem to get rid of stubborn belly fat suggestions?
  6. Q? I read traditional situps are bad for me, thoughts?

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