Saturday, December 17, 2016

CarClinic December 13, 2016

When was the last time you were a bit unsure if the mechanic was pulling your leg or really giving you the beast advice?

Glenn Power joins us from to sort through the myth and reality of car repair!

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Some great questions this week.

Q. Is it a big job to change the tumbler for the key to my car?

Q. Can a car with electric windows be retrofitted to manual?

Q-can I change a steering wheel or do I have to go with the manufacturer because of the tech?

Q. Glue on or clip on tire weights any difference?

Q. 120-130 I get an odd vibration in the car but the steering wheel is not shaking tire balance in the rear issue?

Q. when I brake it feels like my brakes are catching and not catching, is that a problem with the brakes or the tires do you think.

Q. water or coolant chemicals in the rad? Any benefits to not using water

Q. had a good collision but the airbags did not come on, how do we know if they are working?

Q. how do I know if the frame of my car is bent?

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