Friday, November 11, 2016

US Election Call-in November 9, 2016

So, the US election has come and gone.

Is Donald Trump the Superman everyone has been waiting for?

Is Donald J Trump the Dr. Doom some believe he is?

One thing is for sure the political landscape of the US and maybe even the world is in a state of change.

We asked the UAE what they thought about the outcome of the US election and this is what we heard.

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What is also very interesting is what some of the listeners sent in via the sms line.

Here is a look at a few of the SMS messages we received.
The silver lining  in Trump winning.
1. He wouldn’t have got this far if he wasn’t intelligent. He had the cards stacked against him (his party, the media, the opposition, the world, the polls)
2. He is a successful businessman, and he has global business interests. He may not fully understand global economy but he is not about to start tearing up trade agreements.
3. He is an outsider to politics not burdened by lobbyists, and unencumbered by ideological baggage.
4. He understood the underlying pulse of the american electorate and leveraged what many others did not see.
5. He would not be a billionaire if he did not have the ability to surround himself with the right people.
Yes, he has made unprecedented statements – but to dismiss him as a lunatic is underestimating his abilities.
What really worries me is that facts didnt matter in this election. The American ‘tribes’ are in their own echo chambers, they only listen to the news outlets they agree with.
When you cant agree on the facts, you cant agree on what the problems are, and consequently on the solutions to those problems.
What gives me nightmares?
Climate change. And half the country doesnt believe its real
Trump was d better choice, now america will be able to understand how other countries doesn’t want to be controlled or invaded by other countries! He will do great things for his country and will allow others to do great things for their own!  Let Iraq be for Iraqis and Libya for Libyans!
The media have themselves to blame…they created this monster..the powers that be created a dislike of Islam and trump used that well..this is Karma for the mess the Bush (Iraq) and killary (Libya) caused..I think they are both (Hillary and Trump) useless..and the world is laughing..the intelligent people that is..the people with nothing else in life to do but give this the importance it does not deserve…well it shows how sad this Fb..instagram selfieworld has become…

So, where does this leave us in the UAE?

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