Friday, November 11, 2016

The ME Indie Jukebox November 9, 2016

Where do you turn to listen to the best that the indie recording scene has to offer in the UAE?

Without hesitation you turn to the UAE's best talk radio station and Nightline.

This week Joshua Williams of Record Pro Records had 2 great artists in the studio and we played some wonderful music off the Fair Play playlist.

First up was Jamil Jabbour, wow, what a voice and a great story.

Click here listen to Jamil.

We followed on Jamil with Esther Eden another young artist in Dubai who has landed a distribution deal with Universal!

Click here to listen to Esther Eden part 1

Click here to listen to Esther Eden part 2

And of course you can listen to the entire podcast here. Craig Parry and EYE ended the show.

Click here for the entire podcast.

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