Friday, November 11, 2016

CarTalk November 7, 2016

Where are you turning when you want to hear informative and entertaining about what is going on in the automotive industry right here in the Middle East?

Short of looking for carbusters, friends of the ghostbusters, the journalists we turn to are at Motoring Middle East.

Whether we are talking the latest MG or the coolest thing to happen to a Patrol you are going to hear about it 1st here of Nightline.

Click here to listen to the last show.

Here is a look at some of the SMS traffic to the show.

-So im a family man now and love my mk7 gti ... i need more space and need the same thrill and power... whats my best choice ? 

-Which one is better? The new Mazda 6 2.5l or honda accord 2.4l in terms of perfomance and fuel efficiency.

-What u guys think of Forester . Currently im running cx 5. 

-Hi guys, I just want ur general opinion on the jaguar SUV plz. Also if you know the price?

- have you seen the new Koleos? and Talisman - both base models around AED 70k mark!
Thoughts please

-Good evening gentlemen. I bought a Hyundai Elantra in November of 2015. I've done 36500km till date. Agency maintained. I would like your opinion on the useful life of the Elantra. In other words when should I consider replacing it. Thanks. Sam

-I ran sti 5 for 4 years back in sri lanka. Love the brand. 

-For me civic lost the plot after 2010.. sigh.. now they lot my interest on pilot. 

-Need to knw which one is better in terms of space, gas, luxury. Resale value.
Toyota sienna

-Are there electric charging stations in Dubai ?

-Talisman shall i get one or not? It looks so sweet!!!

-Hi Guys. In your opinion which one is a better buy from a  driving but also reliability perspective. Cayman S 2011 with around 60k kms or mustang gt 2015 with around 10k. Thanks

-Guys any feedback on Chevy Traverse  thinking of getting a family vehicle
-Honda CRV Or Audi Q3 or Pajero

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