Friday, November 25, 2016

CarTalk November 21, 2016

Where do you turn on the radio dial or in the land of podcasts for good old talk about cars. CARTALK.'s Shazad joined the show this week to talk about what is hot and what is not.

We also had a nice catch up on the Prius long term test.

Here are the show notes.

This week it is affordable cars!
  1. If we are looking at sub-compact vehicles Fiesta or smaller what is the best bet on the road for longevity?
  2. I do the commute to AUH daily do you think the Nissan Maxima? I see the police use them now, is that a sign of a good vehicle or they got a deal?
  3. Worst car you guys have driven in the last 11 months?
  4. Most innovative AND affordable car on the road for a middle class bloke? With 2 kids and a wife he wants to be happy, No I am not buying her a car but she will surely want to drive a new ride!
  5. -RAM or GM or FORD for a pickup?
  6. A turbo Genesis?

  1. Four Audi Q7s and Two Audi R8s have been added to the Dubai Police Patrol Car Fleet.
WHAT????Infiniti wants to measure your excitement
Infiniti Middle East has teamed up with EMOTIV Inc to launch a new study measuring customers' excitement levels when testing the new 400bhp Q50 Red Sport 400. Over 4 weeks data will be collected from EMOTIV headsets, measuring mental performance indicators & sub-conscious responses whilst driving. Wanna take part? Contact your local Infiniti dealer now.

Aston Martin Vanquish S
6.0 V12 now up to 600bhp. Retuned suspension, carbon fibre splitter and diffuser, plus new quad exhaust outlets.

Shared Ownership for Cars?!
Nissan will launch a shared car ownership scheme in Paris in April 2017 with the all-new Micra. Using social-networking, Nissan will be able to profile-match customers. Cars will be accessed by smartphone & have a mileage limit of 15,000km. This could be the beginning of the end of traditional car ownership in big cities.

Will we get one?

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